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I arrived in Manchester around midnight. As it was an exhausting day I just booked my gym visit for the next day. I decided to go to "THE GYM" at Manchester Portland Street.

It is easy to buy a day pass there. You just have to select the gym you want to visit at their website and then you can choose the different contract options. They have one day passes and if you are there couple days in a row you can also get a 3 day pass.

The one day pass costs 6,99Pounds and after entering my credit card details and an address (use the address you are currently staying in Manchester - otherwise it won't work) I received a 6 letter pin code.

All set and now it was time to get some rest.


I got up at around 8.30am and was looking for a healthy spot for breakfast. I found a promising place called "Evelyn`s Cafe Bar". I already checked the menu. 

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